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We invite you to browse through our tea shop. Welcome to new visitors and old friends alike!  Another new year 2018 brings a new beginning, more wrong dates in a checkbook, and new flavors.  Be sure to try Lisa's new favorite...Pineapple Upsidedown Cake.  We also have added a Milk Oolong that should become a fast fave.

All teas are priced per ounce.  How far an ounce goes depends upon how strong you like your tea.  The beauty of loose leaf tea is that you can make it and steep it to your own preferences.  These teas are loose leaf, and we package them in zip top bags by the ounce.  You will want to have a tea ball, a steeper, empty tea bags, or the like in order to enjoy your tea. 

Generally speaking, an ounce of tea is roughly 6-8 teaspoons, and each teaspoon will make an 8-10 ounce cup of tea.  You can adjust this to your taste.

We do accept PayPal online, as well as personal checks (made payable to "Lisa's Baked Goods") and money orders.  In order to provide free shipping to any US address, including Guam, all orders must meet an $8 minimum.  Any orders that are less than $8.00 will be billed $3.50 for shipping.

We hope you are able to find your favorites here.  Thank you for visiting.

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